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We know very little, if anything at all, about virtual organizations and have no idea of where to begin. Prior to joining VOMI Global Think Tank, can you enlighten certain members of our Executive Leadership Team on their potential and benefits?

ANSWER :: Our affiliate Virtual Organization Advisors offers such solution and is the ideal place to begin your journey.

In the grand scheme of things, it is a far-reaching business decision as well as a very smart and small investment.

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The article :: Why Is A Deep Insight Into Virtual Organizations A Must? :: is the world’s most comprehensive document on the need for leading and visionary executives from global enterprises, organizations, institutions and governments worldwide to pause a bit in order to obtain a deep insight into virtual organizations.

What is the difference between VOMI Global Think Tank and the former VOMI Global Think Tank and Advisory Board?


First and Foremost.   VOMI Global Think Tank is now a completely separate legal entity which no longer serves and represents only the interests of VOMI.  It has now completely transformed itself into a  full-fledged virtual organization advocacy and research group whose sole purpose is to represent the interests of ALL organizations and entities who seek to benefit from the growth, acceleration and explosion of virtual organizations worldwide :: the arrival of The New Virtual Organization World.

Second.  All VOMI Global Think Tank Leadership and Staff positions are now temporary or permanent full-time career opportunities.    As well, Official Global Ambassador positions are now purely voluntary and uncompensated Independent Non-Executive Officer positions.

Third.  And last but not least, the mission of VOMI Global Think Tank requires a 1000% more proactive, engaging, collaborative,  responsive and results- and performance-oriented organization.

What happened to the legacy VOMI Global Think Tank and Advisory Board?

ANSWER ::   Effective December 31, 2016 at 11.59 PM PST USA,  VOMI Global Think Tank and Advisory Board was completely dissolved and thus no longer exists in any form as a part or unit of VOMI.

What will happen to the legacy members of VOMI Global Think Tank and Advisory Board?

ANSWER ::   Due to our change in focus and mission as well as the related complete restructuring of the new think tank,   their term of service automatically expired on December 31, 2016.     Former members of VOMI Global Think Tank and Advisory Board who would like to make the transition to the new VOMI Global Think Tank are welcome to request additional insights  into the new position.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the new Official Global Ambassador at VOMI Global Think Tank?

ANSWER :: Review the description of the new position here under the Official Global Ambassadors section.    As well, review Exclusive Strategy for Official Global Ambassadors of VOMI Global Think Tank.

Where can I apply for any available Leadership and Staff positions at VOMI Global Think Tank?

ANSWER :: When available, all such positions are listed at Virtual Organization Jobs.com

How do I join VOMI Global Think Tank as a Corporate Member?

Review details here under the Application Process for Corporate Membership section.

Why Is a Virtual Organization Advisors Consultation a Smart Investment and Far-Reaching Business Decision?

ANSWER :: Click here for a comprehensive answer to that question.