Gildas Hekonme, Official Global Ambassador – Benin

Gildas Hekonme

Gildas Hekonme became an Official Global Ambassador, Benin at VOMI Global Think Tank, effective April 13, 2022.  

In our Quest for Human Evolution, a task that no single human being comes prepared for, Gildas has willingly agreed to be entrusted with the highest responsibility that our fellow human beings could ever aspire to be delegated with: Serve as a Catalyst for the introduction, acceleration and explosive growth of virtual organizations in Benin, his native country and current residence.  

A formidable task which will eventually lead to mankind learning about the meaning and power of Collaboration, Virtual Organization Leadership, Principled Geopolitical Leadership, Political Evolution, Making the Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being, a New Global Civilization Based on a Civilized World Financial System, and forging a path to Human Evolution.